Compensator stabilizes high-voltage transmission network

Static VAR compensation (SVC) plays an important role in a stable power supply. To build up the electromagnetic fields needed for power generation, “reactive power” is used, which has to be drawn from the grid. In the case of wind power, this poses a particular challenge – because of changing wind speeds, wind turbines cannot generate electrical power at a constant rate. If a substantial amount of reactive power has to be drawn, it can have serious adverse effects on a relatively weak grid like the one in southern Denmark – and in a worst case, it can even cause an outage.

For the Rødsand 1 offshore wind farm, the Rødsand 2 installation currently under construction, and other isolated wind turbines on the islands off Lolland, static VAR compensation (SVC) is handled at the RADSTED SVC near Sakskøbing, ensuring a safe and stable power supply. The wind farms are therefore less affected by disruptions of the weak grid on Sjælland, and can thus operate at higher availability.

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