Climate adaptation and mitigation in Faxe municipality through agroforestry

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Accessing suitable agroforestry systems with GIS analysis

By implementing agroforestry farmers and governments can help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Often though, it can be quite complex to evaluate suitable agroforestry systems for specific geographical regions. Because of this we have developed a unique model that makes it possible to find suitable agroforestry systems based on a large array of data sources.

In this specific case we assessed possible agroforestry systems suitable for the Faxe municipality watershed. In the assessment we used the following data: soil type, topography, slope, hydrology, NDVI and admin layers. Based on this initial assessment we identified 6 farms of interest, where specific agroforestry systems are suitable. We are proceeding with these farms with on site soil sampling and surveying for the next stage of agroforestry implementation.

This data-driven regional assessment is a great tool for the initial assessment of suitable agroforestry systems in larger geographical areas. Since it’s all based on data we can quickly help government bodies or communities narrow in their area of focus and target specific areas/farms where agroforestry are of particular interest.

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