Waste-to-energy CHP Vestforbraending in Copenhagen, Denmark


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Vestforbraending is one of the largest waste management companies in Northern Europe. The company owns and operates a combined heat and power producing waste-to-energy plant with an annual capacity of 600,000 tonnes of waste. All the heat produced is utilized as the plant is interconnected with the regional district heating system in Copenhagen.

Ramboll has, as an in-house consultant, provided services to Vestforbraending for 45 years, including the planning and implementation of waste-to-energy units 1-5 and strategic planning of the district heating system.

In addition to the heat capacity from the CHP turbine, the first phase of a flue gas condensation project has been implemented at one of the CHP units. This brings its total efficiency up to 100 % and the total average capacity up to 120 MW heat.

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