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Together with COBE architects and SLETH, RAMBOLL was elected as the winning proposal in the international idea competition on the development of Nordhavnen – a new city district for 40,000 inhabitants and 40,000 workplaces. Our vision is to set new standards for sustainable development to minimize the CO2 emissions and the impact of climate change in a cost effective way by further developing the city infrastructure in Copenhagen.

The heating will be based on district heating and interconnected with the existing low carbon system in the Copenhagen region, which in a few decades will be CO2 neutral. Buildings with cooling demand will be interconnected to a cooling network combining free cooling with the integrated production of heating and cooling. Buildings will be designed for low energy demand with efficient installations for low temperature heating and high temperature cooling.

Local opportunities for geothermal energy, large heat pumps to utilize the fluctuating wind power, seasonal thermal storage and marine biomass are considered. An efficient metro system in the new district, interconnected to the city metro, will be developed according the “5 minute city”-principle, ensuring that every point of the district can be reached within 5 minutes walk from a metro station. Moreover bicycle riding will be promoted by high-speed direct lanes.

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