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By The Soil Association, January 20, 2015

The Soil Association’s Woodmark announces Europe’s first FSC Certified Home made only from wooden materials. This is an important step in improving our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Woodmark, the Soil Association’s forestry and wood certification scheme, has issued Europe’s first ‘FSC Project Certification’ to a home in Denmark. Orbicon, the Danish associate of Woodmark, issued the certificate at the end of 2014.

The FSC project certification of the house means that 98% of the building materials were either purchased as FSC certified products or recycled materials. Soil Association Woodmark certification ensures the building project has only used wood from sustainable sources and that the environmental impact of tree harvesting is limited. The sustainable theme of Signe Wenneberg’s house is even carried through to the interior of her home, with the kitchen, doors, shelves, floors and walls made with FSC-certified wood. Even the insulation materials are FSC certified wood wool.

James Evans, Woodmark Senior Certification Officer, said “This is the first building project in Europe with as high as a 98% FSC certification percentage of the house build entirely in wood and we are absolutely delighted to play a part in helping this fantastic project achieve certification. Woodmark certifies projects of all scales, from the UK Olympic Park, office buildings in Seattle and now a home in Denmark – it’s fantastic to continue our reach and diversity across the globe.”

In 2012, the Soil Association certified all the wood used in the construction of the Olympic Park, in the world’s biggest FSC Project Certification. The scale of the latest projects proves that no matter how large or small the endeavour, FSC certification is not only mandatory for preserving important and historically significant woodland, but also desirable for companies and private people who want to improve their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

FSC project certification of buildings or constructions sees the project receive certification, rather than an organisation. The certification includes a process of an initial audit, where the FSC requirements are laid out, and finishes with a final audit, when the project has been implemented, to review the documented purchase of FSC materials and to determine the certification percentage achieved.

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