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Our consideration for the environment in the design and manufacturing of ventilation equipment and fans is a big concern for us. The resource friendly products reflect this dedication with long service life and environmentally safe production.

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By NOVENCO Building & Industry, July 01, 2020

NOVENCO® ZerAx® are designed for recycling after their 20+ years of lifetime

Stena Recycling and NOVENCO have worked closely together on the project ’Design for recycling’ at NOVENCO’s production facilities to increase the focus on recyclable materials and to optimise waste management in the production processes.

Rikke Helstrup, Head of Sustainable Business at Stena Recycling, says “At NOVENCO Building & Industry, an international market position is achieved, because they already develop sustainable products by focusing and investing in sustainability in the development phase.”
The cooperation with Stena Recycling and the Recyclability Analysis by Stena, lead to the impressive results that the ZerAx® fans have a 98% recyclability rating.

Read more about our cooperation with Stena Recycling here

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