Beautiful bicycle bridge connects historic Copenhagen

A new bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians brings the historical parts of Copenhagen closer together. NIRAS has designed the beautiful bridge, called Lille Langebro, which will have up to 10,500 users daily.

Bridges create life. This is common knowledge in Copenhagen, where several bridges have been built over canals and in the inner harbor the last couple of years. Another beautiful bridge has now been inaugurated, which reliefs the heavily trafficked Langebro and connects historic parts of the old city.

Ambitions for the project are to create a wider variety for active city life and recreation for the residents of Copenhagen and to establish another essential connection across the water. It is part of Copenhagen’s ambition of becoming a green and sustainable city where cyclists are thriving.

NIRAS has participated in the preparation phase of the bridge, which has two compartments that open, allowing ships to pass by. During the proejct, NIRAS was responsible for the contact with authorities, including the port authorities, cable owners and the municipality of Copenhagen. Besides the designing of the bridge, NIRAS was also responsible for preparing the tender materials for the assignment. The bridge was officially inaugurated on August 14th 2019.

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