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Lighting Metropolis is the first decisive step in realizing a vision for Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading Living Lab for smart urban lighting. The aim is to strengthen the significant role lighting can play in supporting safety, accessibility, identity, health, and education for people in cities.

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Living lab for smart urban lighting

Lighting Metropolis is the first decisive step in realising a vision for Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading living lab for smart urban lighting. The living lab is based on a network of connected demonstration projects, where municipalities and regions across Sweden and Denmark collaborate with corporate partners and scientists, making city spaces and buildings available to development, test and demonstration. By bringing the region’s unique competencies into play, the potential of new lighting and smart city technologies are realised, benefitting cities, citizens and businesses.

Lighting Metropolis features more than 20 demonstration projects focusing on:

  • Outdoor lighting; safety, attractiveness and accessibility.
  • Indoor lighting; biological light, health, learning, work environments and Power over Ethernet.
  • Smart urban lighting; intelligent sensor networks, Internet of Things and Intelligent Traffic Systems.
  • Climate and environment; energy efficiency, environmental impact and sustainability.
  • Light and art in the public realm.

Each demo project in the living lab is the product of innovation workshops, where project owners, companies and universities collaborate to develop the projects.

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