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Lighting Metropolis

Join the lighting revolution

As substantial investments in lighting infrastructure are being planned and implemented regionally and in municipalities, we continue to gain new, groundbreaking knowledge about lighting, its effects on people, and the technological possibilities of creating beneficial lighting solutions.

Our vision

Lighting Metropolis is the first decisive step in realizing a vision for Greater Copenhagen as the world’s leading Living Lab for smart urban lighting. The aim is to strengthen the significant role lighting can play in supporting safety, accessibility, identity, health, and education for people in cities. A second Lighting Metropolis target is to facilitate and support the Greater Copenhagen region tapping into the significant growth potential of these areas as they expand globally and exponentially.

Initiating and furthering collaboration

Lighting Metropolis will work to make Greater Copenhagen the region, where global companies invest in the innovation, test, and demonstration of future solutions in collaboration with cities, scientists, and local companies. Greater Copenhagen is home to strong research environments in lighting design, photonics, and biological lighting. These competencies are dispersed and poorly coordinated. Bringing the region’s unique competencies into closer play, the full potential of new lighting and smart city technology will be maximised to benefit cities, citizens, and businesses.

Raising the bar for innovation

Working from municipal and regional preferences for Living Labs, one of Lighting Metropolis’ main responsibilities is to unite the partners in raising bars and demonstration values, activating their knowledge and innovation power, involving relevant third parties, including incubator pods and start-ups.
Creating a network of connected Living Labs, regions and cities across Sweden and Denmark will collaborate with private, corporate partners, and scientists making city spaces and buildings available to development, test, and demonstration.


Duration: October 2015 to October 2018
Budget: €7.3M
Lead partner: The Municipality of Albertslund
Secretariat: Gate 21
Supported by: Interreg, Capital Region (Denmark) & Region Skåne (Sweden)

Contact info: 

Sif Enevold, Chief Project manager
City of Albertslund
(mob) +45 3145 6747

Peter Liljenberg, Communication lead
Gate 21
(mob) +45 3134 7003

Helena Sandén-Berg, Project & visiting coordinator

City of Malmö
(mob) +46 721 87 52 99

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Primary contact
Peter Liljenberg
+45 3134 7003

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