Lemvig Biogas

    Lemvig Biogas

    Lemvig Biogas – Renewable Energy and a Sound Economy
    Since 1992 Lemvig Biogas (Lemvig Biogasanlæg Amba) has been the largest biogas plant in Denmark. Slurry from approx. 75 farms and waste and residual products from industrial production are used to generate heat and power. This results in a good economy both for the plant and for the households consuming the heat. In addition there are associated fringe benefits such as the degradation of pollutants and a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

    More than 33 million kWh electricity is generated per year from the biogas produced. This electricity is sold into the local grid.The surplus heat from the gas engine cooling system exceeds 18.3 million kWh per year. This heat is distributed to the users of the Lemvig central heating plant. The users number more than 1000 households.

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    For the very interested reader we can warmly recommend the following reading material on the biogas process: Biogas – Green Energy Process, Design, Energy Supply, Environment Written by Peter Jacob Jørgensen, PlanEnergi, in English. 2.2

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