Using Alternative Leakage Detection Methods in Greenland

Leif Koch

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Specialized SME in localization of leakages on buried water pipes, effective reduction of water loss NRW.

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Leak detection and repair at the plant in Qaqortoq, Greenland

In 2012, the Greenland water supply company, Nukissiorfiit, determined that alternative leak detection methods were necessary for locating and repairing leaks at its district heating plant at Qaqortoq, which lost 5-7m3 of water daily. Nukissiorfiit contacted Leif Koch to perform leak detection and repair at the plant in Qaqortoq.

Leif Koch determined that trace gas was the best tool for finding the leaks at the district heating plant, and sent Leakage Operator Jan Jørgensen to Greenland to work on the site. Jan localized and found nearly all the leaks in the pipe system, which ranged from 180 I/min to 0.5 I/h.

Jan found working in Greenland pleasant, engaging, and challenging, saying:  “It was just a wonderful experience. (…). The cars that couldn’t get past just turned around and drove another way without complaining. At the same time, a cruise ship has just arrived to the city so there was no shortage of spectators for the excavation work.”

After the week-long project ended, Jan taught an instructional course about Leif Koch’s methods to local staff. Jan is an extremely valued member of Leif Koch and has over 40 years of experience as a Leakage Operator.

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