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How do you nudge festival-goers into depositing their plastic plates into recycling stations instead of throwing them into the trash? Experience design might do the trick!

Experience-based Nudging

At Northside Festival 2018 all plastic trash was collected and reused. This year plastic plates made from last year’s recycled beer glasses were collected at a special collection station connected to a large lighting installation. When users deposited a plate into the recycling station, they were rewarded with light pulses through sixteen large beacons, spanning the entire 160 metres of the festival grounds. The aim was to nudge more users into sorting and recycling materials.

The Beacons

The beacons consisted of a wooden base with a bench and translucent tops containing individually controllable LED’s. All of them controlled by Kollision’s MAP software connected to IR-sensors inside the collection station. When not activated by users, the entire installation functioned as subtly glowing, wayfinding beacons for people trying to locate each other at the festival grounds.

Our Role

Kollision developed the concept together with representatives from Northside and Down the Drain Productions, who also built the towers. We handled lighting design, sensor interaction and programming. LEDs were provided and installed by Martin by HARMAN. Video footage and editing was done by Allan Toft.

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