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Indentification of business potential
The company IRD has developed a hydrogen-based micro-CHP that provides both electricity and heat for private households and small companies. The technology was demonstrated in a series of homes on Lolland, but the company lacked input for – and documentation of – the business potential.

Insero’s solution
Based on data from the demonstration of the technology and Insero’s knowledge about the Danish energy system, IRD received a clear economic analysis of costs and potential benefits. Insero calculated the cost of manufacturing, storage and transportation of hydrogen, the consumer’s heat-expenses when heating the house and an analysis of IRD’s cash flow. In order to give IRD the opportunity to analyse the business model under different market conditions, Insero delivered the analysis as a calculation model in which IRD could change prerequisites in their business case – e.g. the hydrogen price.

IRD was given a solid foundation to keep working from in preparing the market launch of their product.

“The cooperation with Insero has contributed significantly to the understanding of our business. And that has given us a solid foundation for how we can keep working on our product and launch it to the market,” says Theiss Stenstrøm, CEO at IRD.

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