Smart district heating in Copenhagen with heat pumps

Large electric heat pumps are expected to be a key technology in the future energy system.

District heating companies in Copenhagen are spearheading an innovation partnership regarding the establishment of a large scale ammonia heat pump (5 MW heat delivery) for demonstration purposes. The partnership represents key players with expert knowledge from industry, research institutions and the district heating sector and receives funding from the Danish Energy Agency. The purpose of the project is to test which heat sources are suitable for district heating and to determine the reliability, efficiency and flexibility of the technology in interplay with a district heating system and as storage for wind power.

The results from the test programs will provide extensive data material relevant to district heating companies and the heat pump sector in terms of demonstration and maturing the technology. This will contribute to diversifying green production technologies for district heating in the future and increase the utilisation of wind and sun energy.

This case is co-owned by CTR (Central Kommunernes Transmissionsselskab) and VEKS (Vestegnens Kraftvarmeskab)

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