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HOE360 Consulting has made an integrated solution for bike parking facilities.

The SuperBikeParking facilities have a special focus on functionality and behavioural change by visual communication. The visual communication consists of graphical elements that helps the user to orientate and find the different services available, such as bicycle repair stand, lockable racks and water fountain.

The SuperBikeParking are implemented at one bus stop and two train stations in the Municipality of Fureso, north of Copenhagen. The bus stop is in conjunction with the Greater Copenhagen Bicycle Superhighway network. At one of the train stations the parking is integrated in the existing slope by letting the stairway leading to the train station work as an integrated bicycle parking and stairway at the same time – making it bicycle parking, step by step.

We have also designed and developed a prizewinning bicycle rack with specific focus on preventing bicycle theft. The rack allows the user to lock the bike to the rack itself either with a extra lock or via the integrated wire that is part of the rack design. The solution insures that a bike can be safely parked at the three locations with SuperBikeParking.

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