Hasløv & Kjærsgaard

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard is a Danish architecture studio with more than 50 years of experience in planning and landscape design with special focus on the vast costal zones surrounding Denmark.

Serving clients such as the Danish State, municipalities, private investors and developers as well as international clients, the studio has been involved in various amounts of tasks including development of ideas, preparing large scale planning, master plans, planning and design of ports, beach parks, nature restoration, landscaping and infrastructural constructions.

 Hasløv & Kjærsgaard also serve building owners, prepare competition programs, perform SAVE and EIA assessments and landscape analysis.

Different models are usually explored in the context of an assignment and great importance is attached to contributing to a qualified cooperation between all involved parties in a project.

The various methods used by the studio require different forms of dialogue and public participation in relation to the specific project. The employees therefore possess multiple interdisciplinary skills needed to solve the complex types of tasks and specific professional skills to match individual solutions to each project.

Through sailing activities, that some of the employed architects have thorough experience with, Hasløv & Kjærsgaard have earned a natural interest in projects related to maritime environments. This has lead to a large body of experience and unique expert knowledge regarding projects in the coastal zone.

Hasløv & Kjærsgaard is currently involved in one of the major themes over the recent years: Integrating climate change aspects into their projects. This has resulted in patented design solutions for coastal security as well as ongoing assignments of developing new methods to include coastal protection on a larger scale with wider time frames.

The scale of the projects varies from detailed design of small scaled constructions and buildings to master plans and visual and recreational aspects surrounding large scale wind turbine parks.

A trademark: Technically based buildings with refined aesthetical aspects
A trademark for Hasløv & Kjærsgaard is added value – the addition of extra functionality and recreational potentials released supplementing the necessary technically based constructions in the coastal zone with a refinement of aesthetical aspects.

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