Pressure management reduces NRW by 30 per cent in Montodine, Italy

The Padania Acque Gestione S.p.A water company in Montodine, Italy was losing water and using more energy than necessary in its distribution network.

The total network covers 10.3 km of pipes serving 6,580 inhabitants. Approximately 275,000 kWh of energy was used to distribute 670,000 m3 of water annually. To minimise this, the water company decided to use Demand Driven Distribution (DDD) controller and pumps to monitor and adjust pressure. Pressure transducers were installed at the ends of the water distribution network, where pressure values are measured and then sent to the DDD controller via a GSM network. The controller ensures optimum pressure, and by gradually ramping-up and ramping-down pressure, avoids sudden momentum changes in the pipes.

The pressure recorded in the network has remained steady at around 3.0 bars, without any limitation of service to users. An evaluation based on the minimum night flow estimates a reduction in real
losses of about 25,000 m3/year. In terms of the total losses of the distribution system, this results in a reduction of approximately 30 per cent NRW and energy savings of 17 per cent.

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