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The new Carlsberg train Station is a central part of the urban transformation of the large, old Carlsberg brewery site into a new neighbourhood of Copenhagen.

Carlsberg Station replaces the Enghave Station as the main station servicing the existing residential area surrounding Sønder Boulevard and Enghavevej and it will also service the new mixed-use quarter of ’Carlsberg City’.

In-depth research was carried out to ascertain the ideal location of the new station in relation to its future users. Analysis of movement corridors and cycling routes has resulted in the station being moved slightly westwards, allowing the platforms to be optimally placed in relation to Vester Fælledvej and the entrance to the new ’Carlsberg City’. This creates a practical and well-functioning transport interchange, but most of all a high quality and well-defined public space.

The defining feature of the design has been to create each element as a legible public space affording positive inhabitation experiences to every user. Focus has been placed on lightness, accessibility and transparency. The station incorporates a large cantilevered terrace area which articulates the connection between the public urban spaces and the station platforms and makes room for ample bicycle parking. Stairs, elevators and other station buildings are integrated into a language of architectonic representation, creating a strong identity of place and a legible architectural character.

Gottlieb Paludan Architects are designing the new station in collaboration with Grontmij A/S and Atkins DK.

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