From waste water to green energy

We use the sludge from the waste water to produce biogas in our two digesters. The biogas is used for subsequent production of electricity and heat or upgraded to natural gas quality.

Based on the sludge from the waste water we treat, we produce biogas. And this is a long tradition, since we have had our two digesters for more than 30 years.

Prior to the digesters we optimise the sludge by thermal hydrolysis,  thus increasing the biogas potential.

The biogas is in the digesters on average 17-22 days in a mesofile environment.

The sludge residue is used for agricultural purposes.

The produced biogas is used either in our efficient gasmotor, which converts the gas to electricity and heat or sold to Bigadan, who have an upgrading plant at our facility. The biogas is then upgraded to natural gas quality.

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Waste water transport and treatment, with focus on climate adaptation and energy production and efficiency.

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Aja Brodal

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