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Fischer Lighting is a Danish company and market leader in the latest energy-efficient solutions. We have developed a new and revolutionary method named ReThinKit ™. We rebuild and reuse existing luminaires with the latest LED technology. It is not just a good idea it is also a new way to protect the environment and to save money on the electricity bill.

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Moving away from linear production principles toward circularity is a necessity to change resource consumption patterns. This s why Fischer Lightning, 3XN/GXN and Plastix have developed a lamp series ‘Fischer Family’based on circular production principles.

Interdisciplinary collaboration fostering circular economy

The prerequisites for establishing a circular business model does not always exist within one specific company. Sometimes companies across industries can complement each other in creating products that follow circular principles, serving sustainability purposes.

In the case of the lamp series, ‘Fischer Family’, three different companies was involved: 3XN/GXN designing the lamp, Plastix providing plastic granulate made from ocean plastic and  Fischer Lightning producing the lamp, thus making every company a driver towards societal implementation of circular economy. The August-Lamp, which is the first lamp produced in the Fischer Family series, was installed at National Aquarium Denmark closing the loop by providing sustainable lamps made from ocean plastic to an institution with an immense focus on the rising levels of plastic-pollution in the oceans.

Sustainable design for disassembly and energy reduction

Following a design method enabling disassembling as a main feature instead of creating a construction with fixed parts, is crucial to ensure circularity in production and enabling possibilities of recycling. By rethinking the traditional design methods of light fitting, where disassembling is not possible, Fischer Lighting were able to create sub-components assembled by magnetism. Furthermore, certain components of the lamp is made from used fishing nets, which is turned into plastic granulates  permitting parts of the lamp to be reused for another purpose instead of incinerated.
Fischer Lighting is able reduce its CO2 generation 5.5 times by utilising used fishing nets in our  production instead of plastic made from oil, which is the exact purpose of the sustainable design of the lamp. Furthermore, the lamp reduces as much as up to 80 per cent of the energy use compared to conventional lamps.

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