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SUNSTORE 3 – In-field solar heating system of 35,000 square metres and 3 MW thermal heating pumps

The aim of the project is to demonstrate a full scale pit heat storage (60,000 m3 ) in combination with a large solar collector field (35,000 m2) and heat pumps (3 MW). This energy plant will be able to supply the Danish city Dronninglund with 50% of its heat demand (20,000 MWh). The rest of the heat demand will primarily be produced in a natural gas fired combined heat and power plant. The result is expected to be a well functioning full scale pit heat storage integrated in a total energy concept that can be replicated in a combination with all types of district heating plants, stabilise heat prizes and at the same time give better possibilities for electricity regulation

Project manager:



The Danish Technological Institute


Marstal District Heating

Dronninglund District Heating


EDDP: DKK 12,042,000

Total budget: DKK 86,669,000



4th quarter 2014


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Primary contact
Anne Marie Titian Jørgensen
+45 33 92 75 67


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