210 million DKK to support tomorrow’s energy technologies

By the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate, November 03, 2016

EUDP awards 210 million DKK to support the development of new energy technologies. It has been distributed to 49 companies in 45 Danish municipalities and is expected to contribute to growth and job creation in all of the country's five regions.

With the climate agreement in Paris, the whole world is now focused on the green transition, and Denmark strives to be one of the leading countries in the transition process. Therefore, the Government has endorsed President Obama’s global initiative “Mission Innovation”, in which 20 countries and the European Commission have joined together to increase funding for energy research and development of future clean energy technologies.

Efforts will be mainly implemented through EUDP, which since 2007 has contributed to innovative new technologies, increased exports and created new jobs. A recent evaluation by COWI shows that for every Danish krone EUDP grants, it creates 2.7 Danish krones in additional turnover among the companies that have projects in the demonstration phase.

Companies like NEL Hydrogen in Herning and Windar Photonics in Taastrup, along with 47 other businesses received pledges of support from EUDP to develop their energy technologies. In addition, support is given to research institutions, working closely with companies.

The selected projects focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency, benefiting both climate and security of supply while contributing to exports, economic growth and jobs throughout Denmark. The projects are scheduled to start within a few months, with the majority expected to be completed within three to four years.

Doubling sales in three years

Ballard Europe in Horsens is one of the 100 companies, which last year received the support of EUDP to develop and market mature company fuel technology. In a few years, the company’s revenue is expected to increase to 20 million DKK in 2016, which is a doubling since 2013.

“It requires a lot to make the transition from technology to market. EUDP has made a huge difference for us as a company, which means that today we are seeing upcoming contracts Japan and China” CEO of Ballard Europe Jesper Thames.


  • Every year EUDP supports the development of new energy technologies that create growth and jobs and contributes to make Denmark energy efficient and independent of fossil fuels by 2050.
  • This year there will be given grants of about 210 million DKK to Danish companies, research institutions and foreign companies. About 150 million DKK will go to Danish companies. The aid is provided to 49 companies in 45 of the 98 municipalities in Denmark.
  • Since EUDP was created in 2008, there has been allocated a total of 3.1 billion DKK in EUDP support around the whole country: The Capital Region 1.3 billion DKK, Zealand 142 million DKK, Southeren Denmark 462 million DKK,  the Central Region 440 million DKK and the North Denmark Region 545 million DKK.

COWI evaluated the EUDP program in 2015 and concluded that:

  •  For each Danish krone granted it has increased a turnover of 2.7 DKK in the participating companies with projects in the demonstration phase
  • Out of 33 EUDP projects there are created 215 jobs

Download materials

List of all companies that have been awarded funds in 2016. 

Video Case with Ballard Europe for free.

COWI’s evaluation of EUDP, 2015. 

Source: the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate. 

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