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Large wastewater upgrading project in China

EnviDan International has successfully conducted an R&D project in China upgrading a wastewater treatment plant for 200.000PE. At the plant in Ma An Shan, EnviDan has implemented the ARP process and online control system EnviStyr and test results show significant improvements in effluent quality.

With support from the Danish EPA and in cooperation with Aihua and students from the universities in Lund, Sweden and Tianjin, EnviDan has successfully exported our well-documented ARP-process to a wastewater treatment plant in China. The project is part of the Danish EPA’s efforts to promote Danish water technology in China and the first step was an R&D project where a student from Lund University conducted a series of analysis and tests to prove the removal velocities on nutrial removal with ARP.

The project proved to be sound and the plant has now been running full-scale since may 1st 2012. The main goal was to decrease the emission of phosphorus and nitrogen into the recipient, and the first results from the full-scale projects have confirmed that this is the case.

The WWTP in Ma An Shan has obtained an A1 effluent quality. Furthermore, the plant has experienced significant energy savings due to the implementation of EnviStyr, which continually monitors the different concentrations in the tanks, making it easy and straightforward to minimize energy consumption.

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