The world’s first offshore electricity grid – Kriegers Flak

Vattenfall Europe Transmission, Svenska Kraftnät and are looking into the possibility of laying an offshore transmission grid linking the power grids of Germany, Sweden and Denmark and at the same time connecting their offshore wind turbines at Kriegers Flak to the onshore grids.

It is estimated that up to 1800 MW of wind power can be installed at Kriegers Flak.

As such, Kriegers Flak could potentially become the world's first international offshore power grid with cables for exchanging electricity between Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

The project is in line with the three countries' ministerial declarations issued in Berlin in December 2007, and it has the potential to become a pilot project for European cooperation where the planning and introduction of wind power to the grid is concerned. Collaboration has therefore been initiated with the European Commission's working group ('Working group for offshore/onshore grid development') on wind power and grid expansion with focus on the North Sea and the Baltic. The group is headed by Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch, who is the European coordinator for the connection of offshore wind farms in Northern Europe.

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