ecoBETA is at the forefront of water-saving innovation, conserving our most precious resource – WATER – by eliminating over-flushing of toilets.

Save water with the environmentally smart single button dual flush 

In the light of the world’s substantial challenges of water scarcity, the founder of ecoBETA® saw an opportunity to improve the modern concept of the dual-flush set-up and designed a watersaving dual-flush valve with only 1 button or lever, simple to use and made up of only few parts to ensure easy maintenance and minimize the risk of leakage.

Today, the ecoBETA® dual- flush has won several international prizes for the water-saving potential, design, operation and quality, and more than 3 million valves and retrofits have been installed worldwide by organisations focusing on sustainability.

A simple design solution that changes human behavior

The ecoBETA® dual-flush is a good example of how a small change in design can make a huge change difference in people’s behavior. For the small flush, press and let go. For the large flush, hold for 3-4 seconds. It is surprising how much water can be saved!

The award-winning solutions deliver substantial water-savings of up to 50% per flush. Due to the simple and sturdy design, the ecoBETA valves and retrofits are significantly cheaper to purchase and maintain compared to all other flush valves. In addition, the amount of water saved is associated with reductions in the need for pumping, transport and purification of wastewater, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Benefits of the ecoBETA® single button dual flush

  • Patented and award-winning water-saving technology
  • Easy to use – no confusing dual-button set-up
  • Documented water savings from 15 to 50% per flush
  • Documented user satisfaction up to 99%
  • Available in several models for easy fitting into most toilets – both lever and button operated
  • For conversion of single flush toilets and upgrade of dual flush toilets
  • Easily adjustable flush volume to the required flush level.
  • Simple and sturdy design – no need for maintenance
  • No risk of leakage

Secondary benefits

  • Reductions in water bills and maintenance costs
  • Energy savings
  • Higher rental returns
  • Increased asset value

Why target toilets to reduce demand for water?

  • Toilet flushing accounts for 30% of household water use – even more in schools and office buildings.
  • Toilets are used daily.
  • The yield is more accurate than other water-saving devices.
  • No behavioural component – one flush is one flush

Our product range

Our product-line includes a full range of water-saving devices such as water efficient shower heads and tapware, high quality cold and hot water hoses for plumber installations and easy to clean water-efficient toilets.

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