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Ea Energy Analyses works with complex modelling of energy systems and integration of renewable energy

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Analyses are used for supporting long term policy development.

 We use the model to support various analyses of energy systems with emphasis on the electricity and the combined heat and power sectors.

 Ea has worked with the Balmorel model in numerous projects in 18 European countries, 14 African countries, China, Mexico, Indonesia and Vietnam, and has also used it for regional analyses, e.g. of district heating systems in the Greater Copenhagen area. We bring expert qualifications within developing, implementing, and using the Balmorel model, which enables us to assist you in:

  • implementing and integrating the Balmorel model as an energy planning tool 
  • coordinating and performing data collection
  • creating customized model versions for the given country or region 
  • making scenarios that outline relevant future paths 
  • creating automatized tools for result presentations, e.g. geographic visualizations 
  • developing new functionalities when needed 
  • facilitating and conducting model training and workshops 
  • combining Balmorel with other models 

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Ea Energy Analyses
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