The Future of Sustainable Social Housing (FBAB) – An award-winning example of renewal within social housing

Dissing+Weitling's prize-winning project, FBAB, is a new model for organising social housing to offer a meaningful and relevant basis for the way individuals live and for the spaces ‘in between’.

Paradigm Shift Within Future Social Housing

FBAB in Seest near Kolding consists of a cluster of award-winning family homes focusing on social sustainability and community. Right from the start, the solution had to be an example of renewal within social housing, which has historically led the way in creating new ways of living together.

Communities and Spaces

The building consists of 35 family homes, which all blend in with the landscape to form a dynamic whole. The village-like structure means that each resident can feel close to nature while also experiencing being part of a social mini-community. Privacy is interspersed with the physical spaces between the houses, and the spaces provide valuable opportunities for being together and influencing life in the area.

The houses are built in wood, which gives a welcoming and Nordic look. At the same time, the choice of materials has several functional advantages – wood is environmentally friendly, flexible to work with, affordable and contributes to a good indoor climate.

FBAB is the result of a prestigious open competition launched by the Danish government in 2013 to envision a highly sustainable social housing area.

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