The climate resilient school, Roskilde, Denmark

The vision for the climate resilient school in Roskilde is to handle all stormwater on campus. To ensure this, 1,100 m2 of roof has been disconnected and runoff from the pavement infiltrates through permeable pavings. Runoff from the roof runs through trenches into a paddling pool shaped like the local bay which is also used by the school children for playing and learning. From the ‘bay’, the stormwater goes through an ACO trench into a soakaway. The soakaway has a membrane underneath, creating storage volume for stormwater. It is possible for the children to pump up the stormwater with old-school hand-pumps. The overflow goes into a raingarden and a ditch downstream through the raingarden. From the raingarden, the water flows into a multifunctional pump track lane with parkourelements for street climbing. The multifunctional square is covered in permeable rubber and illustrates the meeting between coast and sea. The project demonstrates that NBS are able to handle everyday rain, design storms and cloudbursts, when the different NBS elements are connected to each other as pearls on a string.

Courtesy: Danish Technological Institute, Aalborg University, DHI, Gundsoe Entreprenoer Forretning, Thing og Brandt Landskaber, IBF, NCC Roads, ACO Nordic, Wavin, Nykilde, Amphi Consult, KLS PurePrint, Municipality of Roskilde and FORS

Primary contact
Sune Dowler Nygaard

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