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DEM (Danish Energy Management) develops a method for an efficient IoT-based energy screening

The Danish Energy Agency administrates a pool that will advance the development and establishment of energy efficient and intelligent buildings. The pool is a part of a political agreement from 2015.

One of the projects that has been granted support is eSnap, which represents an innovative partnership between universities, tech start-ups and DEM. The project is developing an innovative data driven solution to improve the quality of energy audits. This includes energy consumption and optimization potentials as well as the energy efficient operation of buildings.

Results are achieved by combining new technological options, such as IoT-sensors with artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence is based on simulations of the energy consumption in buildings in combination with knowledge of building dynamics as well as specific installation modeling.

This data-based energy audit improves the building owner’s basis for carrying out- and following up on possible energy saving initiatives that eSnap has identified through detailed data collection from the individual building components and installations.

This project holds great possibilities for advancing the leading position of Denmark in energy efficient investments. In Asia, where e.g. buildings consume up to 10 times more energy than Danish buildings, there is a great potential for energy efficiency. Yet these buildings are often without secondary measurements and therefore only have one main measurement of, perhaps 20-40,000 square meters, which makes the optimization of energy efficient investments difficult. Consequently, it is expected that this solution can be exported and help create green solutions in developing countries.


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