Architecture creates value for the environment and a lot more

Architecture is able to create value at many levels – socially, environmentally and financially.

Architecture should generate more value for more people by making the best use of the resources available. This is the challenge facing every project, large or small, and architectural design is able to create value at many levels – socially, environmentally and financially

The examples of architecture creating value in this booklet are grouped according to themes. The themes address the social, environmental and cultural dimensions that architects work with. There could be more themes, and they could be defined differently. The best projects add value in several dimensions. Accordingly, all the projects presented in this booklet could be categorised into more themes than those we have grouped them into here. Access the booklet to the right.
The examples listed in this booklet all stem from members of our organization – The Danish Association of Architectural Firms. Geografically the examples have been collected from all over Denmark.
Photo: The combined technical installation and recreational area Selsmosen has created a new and inviting urban space in Taastrup.
Photo by Rune Johansen


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