Wood Chips Provide Heating to the Danish Town of Sønderborg

Low emission multifuel biomass plant

Sønderborg district heating company built a 9 MW Dall Energy Biomass system in 2014.

The biomass plant integrate several innovations of the Dall Energy Biomass concept:

  • No particlute filter, because of extrealy low dust lost from Biomass furnace.
  • Two stage gas combustion for low NOx
  • Two stage flue gas condensor for high efficiency

The plant is operting unmanned and provide Sønderborg with clean – CO2 neutral energy.

Technical specification

  • Thermal power : 9 MW
  • Biomasse fuel: Wood chips, wood wastes
  • Efficiency: 115 % (LHV)
  • Turn down ratio: 1:10
  • Dust  < 20 mg/Nm3
  • CO < 5 mg/Nm3
  • NOx < 180 mg/Nm3

About author

Dall Energy provide new and improved energy technologies to the global market. Focus is on thermal processes which produce heat for district heating, but also combined heat and power is part of our scope.

Primary contact
Jens Dall Bentzen

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