Wood Chips Provide Heating to the Danish Town of Sønderborg

Low emission multifuel biomass plant

Sønderborg district heating company built a 9 MW Dall Energy Biomass system in 2014.

The biomass plant integrate several innovations of the Dall Energy Biomass concept:

  • No particlute filter, because of extrealy low dust lost from Biomass furnace.
  • Two stage gas combustion for low NOx
  • Two stage flue gas condensor for high efficiency

The plant is operting unmanned and provide Sønderborg with clean – CO2 neutral energy.

Technical specification

  • Thermal power : 9 MW
  • Biomasse fuel: Wood chips, wood wastes
  • Efficiency: 115 % (LHV)
  • Turn down ratio: 1:10
  • Dust  < 20 mg/Nm3
  • CO < 5 mg/Nm3
  • NOx < 180 mg/Nm3

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