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Pure Dansk bridges the gap between Danish farmers, the food sector and end-consumer. All our products stem from Danish-grown legumes - cultivated and packed in Denmark, in close cooperation with the Danish farmers.

A way to minimize the CO2 emission is to consume a plant-based diet

Growing plant proteins, like lentils, peas and beans, for human consumption introduces a protein source of higher sustainability than the sources of meat. Furthermore, the nitrogen cycle of the legumes will also have positive impacts and be beneficial to the climate. The legume plant grows in a symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the root system. The bacteria absorb the nitrogen from the air and the legume plants can grow without the supply of environmental damaging human-made nitrogen. Nature Sustainability states that relying on a plant-based diet can eliminate between 9 to 16 years of global fossil-fuel CO2 emissions.

In Denmark we have an agricultural tradition of producing legumes 

In Denmark we have had a tradition of using peas, beans and lentils in our daily diet. This tradition goes back to the 1500th century, and some say even earlier. However, we later saw a change in our diet and consumption behavior when potatoes and meat were introduced. This let to a new food tradition that replaced the legumes in our diet with potatoes and meat now being the main part of our diet.

With both a health and environmental interest in a more plant-based diet, the interest in legumes is slowly returning. But the legumes we buy in supermarkets today are imported from around the world, while the majority of the danish legumes (80%) produced are mainly used for animal feed.

Our mission is fostering the regrowth of legumes for food 

We know that the food consumption cause 20 % of the Co2 emission. The establishment of Pure Dansk is our solution to minimize the Co2 emission by 30 % in 2030. Pure Dansk’s mission is to make radical changes to stimulate a decrease in meat consumption and to increase cultivation and use of danish grown legumes.

We foster the transition of regrowing legumes for food in cooperation with our skilled Danish farmers providing us with plant proteins, minerals and vitamins – all vital nutrients.
We believe that by adjusting our eating habits and re-introducing legumes both in the fields and at our plates, we can allow space for ecosystems to regenerate, offsetting CO2 emissions in the process. 

In 2020 Pure Dansk has, together with our farmers, cultivated and harvested tasteful lentils, peas, fava beans and lupin beans. 

Pure Dansk ensures transparency throughout the food value chain from field to plate. We build on a foundation of strong and trusting relationships with skilled Danish farmers and with our product, our customers will know exactly which farmer is behind the cultivation of the legumes.

About Pure Dansk

Pure Dansk bridges the gap between the producers, our Danish farmer, the food sector and the end-consumer.
All our products are marketed under the brand Pure Dansk.
Pure Dansk is founded by Malene Søgaard & Astrid Søgaard – 8th generation of an agriculture and food entrepreneur.

Pure Dansk participated in Coop Crowdfunding’s initiative: Coop Klimafunding, which is aimed at foodproducers and -companies who want to produce more climate friendly foods. The initiative launched 16 companies’s individual crowdfunding campaigns and is currently raising investment from the consumers that are backing their campaigns.


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