Green roofs in Copenhagen

Since 2010, the guidelines for green roofs prescribe, that new buildings with flat roofs (less than 30-degree slope) must have green roofs. Green roofs are advantageous for a city like Copenhagen, that strives to be carbon neutral. They absorb rainwater, delaying the water on its way to the sewer system. They soak up carbon dioxide, improving the city’s general environment and they create recreational oases in midst of the hectic city.

Come and explore green roofs in Copenhagen

We will show examples of how green roofs are implemented in Copenhagen. We tell visitors about the benefits of green roofs, in which way they contribute in a climate context and how the Municipality of Copenhagen works to promote green roofs.

Outdoor clothing is recommended. Contact State of Green Tours to plan your visit.

For further information: Dorthe Rømø, City of Copenhagen. Tel. 27642972

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