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Arhus is Denmark’s 2nd largest city and the  financial centre of the Central Denmark Region. The city has a catchment area of 1.2 million people within a one-hour travel range and is well connected to Copenhagen and Hamburg.

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Smart Aarhus aims to be an internationally leading, scandinavian model for urban development based on partnerships.

The digital technology is both a challenge and an opportunity to develop the city of the future. Smart Aarhus is a new mindset developed in order to create sustainable urban innovation and growth. It is a model based on involving stakeholders through partnerships. Smart Aarhus is a digital marketplace established in order to generate value and help solve societal, environmental and economical challenges.

A Scandinavian ‘third way’
Internationally, Smart Aarhus is considered a Scandinavian ‘third way’ of how to develop a Smart City. The American smart city development is primarily built on commercial interests. In Asia, a centrally controlled model is used. Smart Aarhus is based on the Scandinavian tradition of involving stakeholders. In addition, social, economical and environmental sustainability play a central role in Scandinavia – and to Smart Aarhus. Creating the sustainable, digital city of the future is a challenge to the city and its inhabitants. It’s a big task, but we are well on the way.

The objective of Smart Aarhus is to:

  • Solve or address societal challenges
  • Strengthen the digital economy and create jobs

Read more at and have a look at Aarhus’ open data portal at

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