Bus Rapid Transit System in the city of Aalborg to decrease private car use

A BRT is in development to connect the city while addressing congestion and a growing population

Aalborg is developing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system for the city, an ambitious project that will increase mobility and liveability for Aalborg’s growing population.

A primary objective of the BRT is to connect the districts from the west and east, from the newly established Vestre Fjord Park thorugh the city centre to the new university hospital in the east, in addition to easing rising car traffic and congestion. The BRT system will use a dedicated bus lane to allow fluid movement through the city, using existing road infrastructure.

Without investment in the public transport BRT system, 79% of the projected traffic increase will be cars. The aim is to have bus stops no further than 500m from city residents and to focus residential development, such as student housing, along the planned bus route to increase use and efficiency of the network. Although still in development, the ‘plus bus’ (+BUS) is likely to run on non-fossil fuels with the municipality exploring alternative energy options. The route, which will grant green lights to the buses along the way, takes about 32 minutes, carrying between 150-200 people with an average speed of 21-22km per hour.

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