CLIWAT – Groundwater learning from simulating the future

CLIWAT focuses on determining the effects of climate change on groundwater systems

CLIWAT is a transnational project in the North Sea Region with partners from Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Climate change simulations indicate that rainfall will increase in the North Sea region, however with significant seasonal variations. This will lead to higher groundwater levels (up to one meter), higher flux to rivers/coastal waters and a forced outwash of nutrients and pollutants from industrial areas, agriculture and landfills. Conditions for the design of roads, buildings etc. will change.

In the project we have predicted how the future climate affects the groundwater, marine and fresh water quantity and quality and how we deal with the changes. Also we have looked into which areas in the region there is need for new legislation or new standards for engineering of drainage, building of roads and buildings.

In pilots hydrological studies has been investigated with the latest and highly advanced geophysical methods in combination with a large spectrum of other tools.

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