C.C.Jensen is the market leading producer of unique environmental-friendly oil filtration solutions, guaranteeing clean oil and improved wind turbine operation. C.C.Jensen operate worldwide and is represented with 10 subsidiaries in the Americas, Asia and EU. Our vision is growing through better “green solutions”.

CJC™ Off-line Fine Filters are oil filtration units with integrated circulating pumps for off-line installation installed on +50.000 wind turbine gearbox (for VESTAS, GAMESA, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, ALSTOM, GE, CLIPPER, SUZLON etc.). The filters are recognized around the world as highly efficient oil maintenance systems for applications involving hydraulic oil, lubrication oil for bearings, gear oil and more.

CJC™ Fine Filters are ideal for controlling oil contamination levels for particles, water and degradation products (oxidation resin/sludge, varnish). The CJC™ depth filters have a filtration degree of 3 microns absolute and a very large dirt-holding capacity.

CJC™ Fine Filters deliver measurable customer benefits: lower operation and maintenance costs, increased productivity, and maximum lifetime for system components, in-line filters and oil.
The modular filter units are built and sized to specific customer requirements – whether the oil volume is 2 litres or 200,000 litres.

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