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C.F. Nielsen was established in 1889 and is today the world leading manufacturer of mechanical briquetting presses. Mechanical and extrusion briquetting installations for the production of briquettes. Raw materials besides wood are agricultural residues such as straw, rice husks, miscanthus etc. Complete production lines can be delivered with capacities of 200 kg/h and upwards.

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The challenge (Briquetting of dust from MDF( Medium density board))

MDF is widely used in production of boards, kitchen cabinets, furniture, doors, architraves and skirting etc. The processing of MDF into finished products generates a lot of dust, which for many producers is a big problem, due to the risk of dust explosion and high costs for disposal.

By making the dust into briquettes you will get the following advantages:

  • Removing the dust problem in production areas
  • Removing the risk of dust explosions
  • Reducing the volume of the waste to 500-600kg per m3
  • Saving transport costs
  • Saving landfill costs or even make a profit when used for industrial fuel
  • Meeting Atex standards

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