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We manufacture substations and all types of foundations for offshore wind farms, and on each individual project, we optimise the processes in order for them to match the client’s standards for design and specifications. Whether it is substations, monopile, jacket or XL foundations we are manufacturing, we act as a sounding board offering ideas based on many years of experience and unique technical expertise.

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Bladt Industries entered into a contract with the German utility company RWE in 2013. The substation was the 13th substation Bladt Industries has fabricated. The contract covered the design, procurement and fabrication (EPC contract) of the 1,850 tonnes offshore substation for the German Northsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm. The substation was finalized in the beginning of the third quarter in 2014.


  • Product: Offshore wind farm substation
  • Weight: Approx. 1,850 tonnes
  • Project start: 2013
  • Project end: 2014

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