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Best Green offers heat as a service, which is a new, simple and maintenance-free heating solution to private, business and municipalities in areas without district heating where current options are today limited. We purchase, install and maintain a heat pump solution at the client who thereby avoid service and maintenance costs. Instead, clients simply pay for the heating they use as well as an annual service subscription.

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In one year, a Danish village phased out 30% of its oil consumption

The Municipality of Skanderborg in Denmark works towards making local village communities more attractive and wants to innovate and streamline its solutions. An important part of achieving this is the phasing out of the many oil-fired boilers in those villages which are located outside the district heating area.

Sustainable solutions spread to local community

When a school in the small village named Hylke just outside of Skanderborg stood before an expansion, the Municipality chose heat as a service from Best Green.

After six months with heat as a service from Best Green, the village school had achieved savings of more than DKK 40,000 on its heating bill and a reduction of more than 40 tonnes of CO2 compared to previous years.

Village achieves international recognition

In the wake of the village school’s new heating solution, many private households and business in the local community have installed Best Green’s heat as a service.

In one year, the town with approximately 500 citizens has phased out 30% of its oil consumption by replacing it with heat as a service from Best Green. This impressive accomplishment woke international recognition and in 2016 the village received the prize “European Heat Pump City 2016” from the European Heat Pump Association.

“Hylke is a splendid example of how municipalities can initiate the transition from fossil heating systems in local areas by leading the way. In Best Green, we make it easy to choose a green alternative to the oil-fired boiler. Therefore, we see more and more people who wish to follow in the same footstep as Hylke,” says Simon Steen Bak Kristensen, CEO of Best Green.

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