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Best Green offers heat as a service, which is a new, simple and maintenance-free heating solution to private, business and municipalities in areas without district heating where current options are today limited. We purchase, install and maintain a heat pump solution at the client who thereby avoid service and maintenance costs. Instead, clients simply pay for the heating they use as well as an annual service subscription.

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With its 2,600 m2, Resilience House, located near Vejle in the western part of Denmark, is an international lighthouse for the development of resilient solutions.

The intelligent heating and cooling system in the building proves that heat pumps are more than a sustainable alternative to traditional heating. The heating and cooling system consists of energy wells and heat pumps. During the winter months, the heat pumps heat the building, while cooling, the residual product of heat production, is stored in the energy wells. This cooling is applied in reverse to cool the building down during the summer.

The system is delivered by Best Green, who offer heat as a service to private actors, business and municipalities in areas without district heating. Best Green purchases, installs and maintains a heat pump solution at the client, who thereby avoids service and maintenance costs. The energy needed to run the system is based entirely on wind and sun energy, making the solution carbon neutral. The heating solution won the ‘DecarbBuilding’ award in 2018 by the European Heat Pump Association – an award given to the most sustainable buildings in Europe operating on heat pumps.

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