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Large-scale solar heating solution in Trustrup-Lyngby

Scarcity of available land may often be quite a challenge when heating plants are looking into the possibility of building a large-scale solar heating system. However, instead of only looking for unused land, the management of heating plants could look into opportunities of converting old and maybe polluted industry lots into sustainable solar heating plants. Trustrup-Lyngby heating plant in Denmark is a great example of just that. As a bonus the solar heating solution reduces the energy price by 30%.

Until the end of 2015 an old factory that used to produce feed for the mink industry in Denmark was quite an annoyance for the people living in the community of Trustrup-Lyngby in Denmark. The heating plant was about to be modernized and the management found out that they could acquire the old factory, demolish it and instead erect a 7.245 m2 solar collector field producing renewable and clean energy.

Besides finding good use for the polluted and vacant industry lot, the heating plant in Trustrup-Lyngby will be able to cut the yearly heating price by an astonishing rate of 30 % which the households connected to the heating plant may fully enjoy as they will see an immediate price reduction on their annual heating bills. The average household will get an annual price reduction of Euro 675. 30% of the yearly energy production is coming from solar thermal energy, and the heating price offered by the plant is now among the 30 cheapest in Denmark.

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