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By Maria Badstue, April 04, 2012

Re-engineering in aluminium

The development of a new aluminium cover and a new platform for offshore wind farms, is to create attention towards the use of aluminium offshore.

It is not a new invention to make use of aluminium for offshore constructions – the oli and gas industry has been doing so for decades.

Aluwind is working towards stamping out the impressions that only steel can be used for offshore wind. With solide references to the oil and gas industrym aluminium has proven itself well worthy for offshore wind too.

The new aluminium platform was developed based on a steel structure, but with considerations to the alunimium weight and strength factores, and while working on the further development, Aluwind has, in the meantime, delivered products for three large offshore projects.

Read the original article from Energy Supply (in Danish) here.


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