Aluwind expands production with 10.000 Chinese m2.


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Aluwind has 100% focus on the wind energy industry and its requirements for durable and lightweight products, flexible and cost-efficient production, and reliable deliveries.

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By Maria Badstue, April 10, 2012

Chinese production - Danish perfectionism

With the newly opened manufacturing site in China, Aluwind now has three, strtegically placed sites located around the globe. Aluminium components can now be processed in Denmark, US and China, with the same setup at all sites.

The purpose of the Chinese site is mainly to supply the current Chinese and Asian market, but also to cultivate new clients in the local market.

It has taken 18 months from the first Joint Venture negotiations started, until the factory ran its first batch, and the decision of stationing a Danish manager at the site, has proven itself to be wise.

Read the original article from Energy Supply (in Danish) here.

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