2.6MWth Solar District Heating Plant

Aalborg CSP landed an order to deliver a 2.6 MWth solar-thermal plant in Denmark. With the system in Egedal, Aalborg CSP continues its series of new projects based on customized solutions with solar and storage supporting a competitive transition to renewable energy.


Client:     Egedal Fjernvarme A/S
End user/Owner:    Egedal Fjernvarme A/S
Location:    Stenløse, Denmark
Status:    Under construction

Cost-competitive solution and best warranty

The 3,458 m2 solar field will – when constructed – consist of 34 rows of flat panels with up to 10 collectors per row. With a capacity of 2.6 MWth, the plant is capable of producing 1,850 MWh heat per year. Combined with the district heating plant’s already existing biomass boiler and an accumulation tank with a capacity of 2,400 m3, the solar district heating plant will provide sustainable solar heating to 875 customers in Stenløse and Ølstykke.

With the plant in Egedal, Aalborg CSP continues its series of flat panel projects in Denmark. The system in Egedal will consist of the same type of collectors, which Aalborg CSP has successfully supplied to two other Danish district heating plants with solar heating. The 13.3 m2 optimized panels from GREENoneTEC have shown the highest performance among all known mass-produced large-scale solar collectors on the international market.

“Aalborg CSP presented us with the best price per deliveret MWth as well as an attractive warranty agreement, providing us with a 10-year warranty on the solar collectors. These two factors combined mad us choose Aalborg CSP as our partner on this project. We look forward to a grat collaboration with Aalborg CSP and aim to obtaining Denmark’s most efficient solar heating plant per  m2”, says Jørn Arne Nielsen, Managing Director at Egedal Fjernvarme.

Exceptional operation and high performance

Since Aalborg CSP first introduced the optimized panels on the Danish market, they have set a new standard in terms of cost-competitiveness-/performance level, their 10-year warranty as well as their outstanding documented performance results. All three factors which are of crucial importance to Aalborg CSP.

“We are happy that Egedal, focused on the plant’s actual performance, and the consistency between actual performance and calculations, when choosing thier partner for the project, and look forward to helping Egedal Fjernvarme A/S with thier goal of obtaining Denmark’s most efficient solar heating plant per m2”, says Jes Donneborg, Executive Vice President at Aalborg CSP.

Construction of the plant will commence in the beginning of spring and the solar energy system is expected to be harvesting its first sunrays this coming summer.




Egedal Fjernvarme A/S
Supplier of the system: Aalborg CSP A/S
Solar-thermal collector type: GREENoneTEC GK3003 series double glazed
Plant layout: 34 rows with up to 10 collectors in a row
Location: Maglevad, Stenløse
Egedal Municipality / South of Denmark
No. of households: 875
Capacity of the plant: 2.6MWth
Annual heat production: 1,850MWh
Expected system lifetime: 25 years

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