Designing housing for disassembly and reuse

Circularity and reusability are decided already in the design-phase, as clearly manifested in the soon to be completed Circle House project outside the city of Aarhus.

Circle House is building 60 social housing units constructed after circular principles and marketed on normal terms. The aim is that 90 per cent of building materials are reusable without considerable loss of value. In essence, Circle House is designed to one day be disassembled, rather than demolished.

Renovation and demolition of buildings account for 27 per cent of waste produced in Denmark. Today’s buildings and building components are often cast and glued together, making separation and reuse of materials impossible. Designing housing that enables separation, by e.g., bolting together pre-cast elements, not only makes reuse possible, but also increases repairability, prolonging the life of the buildings. Circle House brings together over 60 different companies, who all offer circular solutions, ranging from thestructural elements to the movable objects inside such as circular furniture, curtains, and lamps.

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Stephanie Millers

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