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Genan is the world’s largest recycler of scrap tyres with large recycling plants in Denmark and Germany. The technology is proven since 1990 and the plants are highly sophisticated and fully automated. The tyres are recycled into their original components: rubber, steel and textile. The end products are uniform and clean and used in high quality applications.

Genan develops new applications for the end products. Many are available. The rubber granulate is used for asphalt and bitumen modification which makes the roads stronger and longer lasting. Other applications are children’s playgrounds and artificial turf for football, which is highly recommended by FIFA and UEFA because it helps develop football globally.

The Genan concept is in full compliance with EU directive 2008/98 which confirms the waste hierarchy as official EU policy, stating that recycling is considered more beneficial than incineration or backfilling uses like civil engineering applications.

A LCA study documents that significant environmental benefits within greenhouse gas emissions, acidification and cumulative energy demand are achieved if scrap tyres are recycled instead of incinerated.

There is no sensible reason to burn a valuable resource like scrap tyres. High quality recycled products from the tyres can replace virgin products saving money, energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

Att: Lars Raahauge
Jegindøvej 16
8800 Viborg
Phone: +45 8728 3000


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