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District energy

District heating

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Forecasting and optimization for the energy sector

ENFOR provides forecasting and optimization solutions for the energy sector. Utilities, energy traders, transmission and distribution system operators use ENFOR solutions for forecasting of renewable energy production, electricity and heat demand as well as optimization of district heating systems.

ENFOR was established in 2006 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Denmark. The company has a solid operational track record and has successfully served customers all over the world for many years.

ENFOR delivers state-of-the-art solutions and services at competitive prices with the aim to provide cost savings for their customers from day one. ENFOR puts a pride in delivering solutions and services based on three values; accuracy, flexibility and reliability.

  • Accuracy – Highly accurate forecasts and optimization models
  • Flexibility – The ability to understand, adapt and tailor the solutions to specific customer needs based on extensive business understanding
  • Reliability - Highly reliable and robust software platform with efficient fault recovery procedures to manage unexpected event

Based on these values ENFOR aims at developing long-term customer relationships and continuously improve the business of their clients and thereby help them keep a competitive advantage.

Our Services:

  • WindFor™ - Wind Power Forecasting
  • SolarFor™ - Solar Power Forecasting
  • LoadFor™ - Electricity Load Forecasting
  • MetFor™  - Locally Optimized Weather Forecasting
  • PriceFor™ - Power Price Forecasting
  • HeatFor™ - Heat Demand Forecasting for District Heating
  • HeatTO™ - Temperature Optimization for District Heating Networks
  • HeatPO™ - Production Optimization for District Heating
  • ChargeME™ - Forecasting and Scheduling of Electric Vehicle Charging
  • PMON™ - Performance Monitoring  of Wind and Solar Farms

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