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I•GIS is a specialized geoscience software and service company offering a full geoscience software suite, and consulting services to an international customer base. The company develops geoscience sof

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RGS Nordic

RGS Nordic is one of Denmark's largest environmental companies, specialising in the management and purification of soil, construction waste and industrial waste water.


Improving groundwater sustainability in California

California is facing a water crisis. Not only are its reservoirs already at critically low levels due to unrelenting drought, residents and businesses across the state are also using more water now than they have in seven years. In total, California is set to lose 10% of its total water supply in th


Groundwater: Drinking water from well to tap

On this 360 virtual tour of VCS Denmark and the water supply system of Odense, follow the groundwater from well to tap and learn about the Danish model for sustainable groundwater management.


Exploring groundwater as an option

A groundwater reservoir, known as an aquifer, is a hidden subsurface water resource and offers an opportunity to store water for future supplies. This is particularly important to secure reliable drinking water provisions in a time with more extreme weather conditions.


To the last drop: Why we need sustainable groundwater management

Some of the world’s groundwater is so old, it originally fell as rain thousands of years ago before modern human settlements evolved. However, the sources of water supplies for societies vary acros


Groundwater: a fascinating element with enormous potential for further development

Foreword by Anders Bækgaard, IWA congress president. The foreword is written in connection with the publication of our white paper on groundwater.


Ensuring tomorrow’s drinking water supply by protecting groundwater supplies

Minister foreword by Lea Wermelin, Minister for the Environment. The foreword is written in connection with the publication of our white paper on groundwater.


The Danish groundwater example

A national water supply entirely based on groundwater has required development of standardised data collection and public databases, enabling national hydrogeological groundwater models aid in the sustainable abstraction and protection of groundwater.


Good governance for sustainable groundwater management

Integrated groundwater management is key to preserving a sustainable and pollution-free resource, therefore Danish authorities and water utilities have, and have had for over three decades a, dedicated and focused approach towards protection of the natural groundwater resources. However, more and more groundwater abstraction wells are being closed due to pollution.
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