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Woody Biomass

Woody biomass such as wood pellets and wood chips are a necessity to supplement intermittent energy sources such as solar energy and wind power.

Woody biomass is a CO2-neutral energy source if it derives from sustainable forestry. The amount of CO2 absorbed during photosynthesis corresponds to the amount emitted during energy conversion. This makes woody biomass an alternative to, for instance coal and gas in CPH plants, which contributes to an environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient green growth transition.
Putting woody biomass to good use
Woody biomass has been used for many years. Combined with heat and power plants, the technologies for utilisation have been developed continuously in order to secure a more sustainable energy sector in the future, focusing on reducing emissions of CO2 and reducing the dependency on fossil fuels.
Efficient use of woody biomass
In Denmark, woody biomass ensures an increasing percentage of green district heating from the CHP plants. In 2012, 52% of Danish district heating derived from woody biomass, primarily wood pellets, and by 2035 the goal is 100%. In other words, woody biomass is one of Denmark’s primary initiatives to reach its ambitious CO2 targets

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